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Modern advertising in Russia, it is a huge industry, which is developing at an accelerated pace. The history of advertising originates from a long time. A special flourishing was the advertising of goods in the Roman Empire, when merchant caravans from various parts of the vast state marched into the capital of the World, the Eternal City. Merchants from Asia and Africa, Greece and Spain, Aquitaine and Armenia drove their exotic products and products to the majestic Rome. But a large abundance of goods, as is known, generates considerable competition among merchants. It is for this reason that the advertising industry has become very popular in the Roman Empire. The owners of commercial shops used the services of heralds who praised their goods, and also used various types of signs and advertisements.Advertising in Russia

In Russia, merchants with the aim to sell their goods faster and profitably also resorted to the services of various “advertising agencies”. In the distant past, their role was played by various street criers and heralds. The value of these representatives of the advertising business was enormous. Thanks to this, buyers learned about the appearance in the shops of merchants of new goods, as well as the quality of products sold. A significant role in the development of the advertising business was played by peddlers, who simultaneously acted as sellers and heralds.

Advertising industry in modern Russia

Advertising agencies in the Russian Federation began to receive wide circulation after 1992. Over time, the turnover in the advertising services market has increased significantly and now amounts to a billion-dollar profit. For this reason, there was a strong competition among various advertising agencies and companies. Our company HOOK-MEDIA has been working for a quite long time in the advertising market in Russia and holds leading positions among the agencies. During our work in the field of advertising services, our company has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner with vast experience in this field and using various creative solutions. Moreover, our company widely advertises a variety of high-quality goods, products and services, both domestic and foreign manufacturers, thus giving customers the opportunity to find the products they need.

When working with its customers, the company takes an individual approach, sets flexible pricing, applies various discounts. Furthermore, we use our professional skills, working with various types of advertising on television and radio, in the press, on the Internet, and also creating outdoor advertising products.

Advertising in Russia on TV

Television advertising in Russia currently occupies a leading position through the use of special effects. Our advertising company HOOK-MEDIA will engage the audience for your products due to the content of the video. For better assimilation of advertising plots by TV viewers, we propose to use the company name, packaging and information component about the main characteristics of the goods more often, all of which should be reflected in the video story. HOOK-MEDIA Company produces advertising products on TV with the following content:

– Commercials at a specific time, reserved for ad units.

– Sponsorship programs with stories about general sponsors and companies-sponsors.

– Creeping line while watching movies and news.

– Placement of logos and trademarks of companies in entertainment television programs.


Our company will help our customers in the production of promotional video material, explain what exactly it is necessary to focus on when installing the roller. If the client works with another manufacturer, our specialists will be able to select an excellent storyline for future advertising. For the years of its work, our company has gained a lot of experience in placing advertising scenes on television. Advertising in RussiaMany TV viewers remember a huge number of different commercials, which at one time were loved and quoted as examples. Unfortunately, these video materials did not affect the increase in sales of goods, and remained only beautiful art pieces. HOOK-MEDIA has enough experience and creativity to help their clients to make such videos that not only will be remembered, but also will increase sales. Thus, we will help our partners to take the leading position among competitors. At present, our company enables customers to address through the television advertising to the largest television audience due to the preparation of advertising plots.

Advertising on the radio

In modern life, advertising in Russia on radio attracts no less attention than television commercials. The peculiarity of submitting an advertisement consists in its almost instantaneous feedback, which the customer feels almost immediately after announcement on the air. As soon as the clip has sounded in the program, for the next fifteen minutes there are calls from listeners. Therefore, our company HOOK-MEDIA advises its customers to use this media. In addition, radio advertising has its own characteristics, since it is served in a casual manner, as a friendly conversation. Therefore, the company offers its customers well-sounded, with excellent musical accompaniment promotional audio clips on various radio stations. Our staff will help you find the right time for an effective advertising story.

It is due to various radio stations that it became possible to advertise products for certain categories of consumers. Our company will help you choose the most suitable radio station for the promotion of a particular product, and also increase the popularity and demand for specific products.

It does not matter what size your business is

You can be an individual entrepreneur or a firm with 23 employees,

otherwise you can be a corporation with 1000 people in the state

You can be a start-up or a company with a rich history

You can have many branches in Russia or you can be an international company

First of all for us you are a unique CUSTOMER!

And you will get the best service!



Advertising in Russia in print media

It is also worth paying a lot of attention to advertising in the press. Newspapers and magazines give readers the opportunity to learn about diffrent goods and services and make their selection. Weekly newspapers with advertisements offer their customers to publish advertising on a certain day, bringing the information to the consumer. Our company proposes to place these advertisements in diffrent print media, thereby increasing the number of ad outputs, providing an influx of new readership and thereby increasing the popularity of the advertised products. Most often, thanks to newspaper advertising in Russia, the goods of daily demand are advertised, as well as the corresponding services. Newspapers and magazines differ in their content and are calculated for a certain category of people, popular editions are read by housewives and senior citizens. In the specialized newspaper production there is a division into advertising on interests: house construction, automobile goods, products, manufactured goods and so on. It should be noted that the frequency of output of printed products, also plays an important role. Weekly editions are read more often by all members of the family and stored longer in the house.

Internet advertising in Russia

Millions of potential buyers visit Internet  on daily base nowadays. It is for this reasonAdvertising in Russia that HOOK-MEDIA advertising on the Internet ranks second in terms of views and effectiveness after television advertising. In the World Wide Web there are many different sites that are not only corporate, but also sports, entertainment, informational and others. Also, Internet advertising in Russia is different in type and financial costs. To advertise on the Internet, you can include various links, banners and videos. Our company can post various stories about the presentation or production of various products on informational sites.


Outdoor kinds of various advertising

Walking daily in the city, moving by car or simply heading for some specific business, each of us faces with various types of outdoor advertising. Advertising in RussiaIt is this type of advertising that is considered the most visible and conspicuous consumers. These types of advertising include outdoor billboards and signboards, stands, creeping line, LED billboards, large-sized TV screens, advertising services and products of various companies. Most often, billboards and signs are placed in spots of mass concentrations of people and on busy roads. They can be stationary type, mounted on stationary carriers, and temporary, set for a certain time. Today, the most popular types of advertising are advertising video clips and videos that are shown on large screens. HOOK-MEDIA offers its clients all types of outdoor advertising.



Why is beneficial to work with us?

With the help of profiling we select managers, sellers, analysts, media buyers, copywriters, and creatives into the staff. They are busy with what they love. Especially relevant, these are employees who have been trained in higher education institutions, and have been carefully selected for their competence. Annually they pass courses of improvement of professional skill, participate in seminars and conferences.

Федеральная реклама на ТВ We have excellent knowledge in media business
We will create a unique promotion strategy HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency
HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency We will precisely define the target audience
We will provide exclusive conditions for placement HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency
HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency We have experience in international projects


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