Advertising and Communication Agency specialized on providing services to foreign companies interested in business development in Russia

HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency

HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency is a group of professionals specializing in advertising services in the field of promotion on television, radio and internet. Huge experience allows us to carry out regional, federal and international projects at the highest level.
We specialize in providing advertising services for Russia and the CIS for Russian and international companies.

In the sphere of our priorities:

    • Highest quality
    • Exclusive arrangements conditions
    • Creative solutions

Thanks to the great personal experience, professionalism, the desire to work clearly, harmoniously and effectively, we have assembled a great team of true professionals, whom we can safely rely on, and it is a real pleasure to work with.

It does not matter what size your business is

You can be an individual entrepreneur or a firm with 23 employees,

otherwise you can be a corporation with 1000 people in the state

You can be a start-up or a company with a rich history

You can have many branches in Russia or you can be an international company,

First of all for us you are a unique CUSTOMER!

And you will get the best service!



Why is beneficial to work with us?

With the help of profiling we select managers, sellers, analysts, media buyers, copywriters, and creatives into the staff. They are busy with what they love. Especially relevant, these are employees who have been trained in higher education institutions, and have been carefully selected for their competence. Annually they pass courses of improvement of professional skill, participate in seminars and conferences.

Федеральная реклама на ТВ We have excellent knowledge in media business
We will create a unique promotion strategy HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency
HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency We will precisely define the target audience
We will provide exclusive conditions for placement HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency
HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency We have experience in international projects


Our specialists

Every employee of our HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency is selected for his post with special care. He passes the trial period, his knowledge is verified, his abilitis and personal qualities are assessed. HOOK-MEDIA advertising agencyHOOK-MEDIA advertising agency has a wonderful and united team that is ready to come to the rescue, which resolves the tasks clearly, quickly and effectively. Our specialists work in this field for a long time and know this business perfectly. Such bright creative and innovative professionals it is not easy to find, and they are worth their weight in gold. Perfection is not a gift or status, it is a painstaking process, daily work, constant trainings, improvement of skills, and of course, real purchases and arrangements. Only with this valuable, the best and incomparable experience our colleagues use to provide the highest-class service.

Guarantee 100%

HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency Choosing cooperation with a proven and experienced company such as HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency, you help your business to develop easily and at no extra cost. Moreover, you save time on thoughtless decisions, you optimize the means, designed to attract new infusions, find loyal customers, bypass your competitors in the struggle for leadership. If you are serious about getting the best result, then you should choose the appropriate company in your team. Professionals of our team will develop for you in the shortest possible time a plan of the most profitable and expedient actions, they will surprise you with exclusive conditions and help you to deal with the most difficult issues. Entrust the advancement of your business in reliable hands and get the maximum result. HOOK-MEDIA advertising agency will allow you to achieve maximum success.





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